Australia’s best halal snack pack

Mevlana Cifci has been cooking kebabs of all kinds in Auburn. His busy trattoria-style eatery featured classic Turkish staples such as kuru fasulye(butter-bean soup on rice) & pilav, mushroom sauté and aubergine roast as well as iskender, shish and doner kebabs. The authentic flavours and Mevlana’s hospitality combined created a fan-following and even Turkish families would leave their Turkish kitchens back at home to eat at Mevlana’s Auburn joint.

King Kebab house is a popular spot for after-hour dining

King Kebab house is a popular spot for after-hour dining

About 18 months ago, Mevlana started a new venture leaving the Auburn eatery. He opened a kebab shop on the busy Queen street in Campbelltown. The new shop “King Kebab House” was right across another kebab shop. Some of his friends told him it wasn’t the best place as the other shop had quite a following. However, Mevlana was determined.

Mevlana’s signature ability to bring the flavour authenticity to everything he cooks, soon made King Kebab House the popular hang-out at Campbelltown.

The locals loved the food and Turkish-Australians started driving all the way to Campbelltown when they had interstate or international guests over to share Mevlana’s food.

Among his dishes, one particular dish caught the attention of a cheeky online community called Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society. The society naturally loved and rated King Kebab House’s Halal Snack Pack well above others and even organised a pilgrimage to Campbelltown which Mevlana was unaware and unprepared for.

He had to tell them to come and enjoy the food in batches of 20 that day.

After Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society’s reviews went viral, colourful senator Sam Destyari raved about King Kebab House’s Halal Snack Pack at the Australian Parliament in his unique and interesting style.

Go to Cambelltown and try Halal Snack Pack at King Kebab House. It is located on 171-179 Queen Street, Campbelltown just a few minutes away from the Campbelltown train station.


We tried King Kebab House’s Halal Snack Pack and here goes our review:

Signage: 10/10

Greeting: 10/10
Cheesiness: 10/10
Chips: 10/10
Meat: 10/10