Akyaka, The Mediterranean tranquillity

Situated on the most beautiful and the peaceful bay of the Gokova gulf; Akyaka is one of the prettiest holiday destinations with its tranquil atmosphere and architecture.

If you turn right at the end of the ramp following the scenic Sakartepe passage and follow the road; you will discover this peaceful enclave surrounded by pine trees.

The tall pine trees; flower gardens and double-storey bungalows will mesmerize you.

The bungalows are built buy a Aga Khan acrhitectural award winner builder called Nail Cakirhan. These bungalows are the defining items of Gokkaya’s identity.

The Town

With a population of roughly 2000; Akyaka is the perfect location for those who seek time away from the stressful metropolitan life and peace of mind. But if you want nightlife and crowds; you can always drive to Marmaris which is about 30 minutes away.

The town features a hospital with maternity service.

Traditionally a fishing village; the best seafood restaurants in the region can be found here.


You can see windsurfers; canoers in the water; sun bathing naked bodies on the beach and families enjoying BBQ on the grass under the pine trees.

The town features a small beach club and a forest camp. The little huts and caravans; surrounded by palm trees and red and green pine trees are quite luxurious.

  • Horse-riding
  • Canyon tour
  • Rafting
  • Rock-climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Parachuting

Azmak river

After you drive into Akyaka; if you turn left onto the forest side; you will end up at the beach. This is where Azmak river meets the sea.

The beach

Famous with its cleanliness; the beach is carrying a European Blue flag. The winds carry the aroma of the clean sea water. The beautiful crystal sand of the beach meets the thick pine forest at some point.

The humidity in the air is not much so you won’t suffer the sizzling summer here.

The sea level is low; only a little wavy. The nerium bushes at the beach provide the perfect shade for sun bathers. The unique combination of the green forestry; blue waters and the yellow beach is magical and you can witness some locals jumping into the tranquil blue waters from the high branches of the majestic pine trees.

How to get there

  • Bus service from Mugla (25 Km away)
  • 65 km away from Dalaman Airport