Alacati, the archetypal Mediterranean town

The warmth of the climate, also the warmth of the people, sea bathing, strolls in shady lanes, or al fresco evenings to savour the mézés from a traditional café; you can find everything the word Mediterranean can make you think of at Alacati.
Colorful streets of Alacati
The city was known as Agrillia in the ancient times and it owes its modern name to the “Alaca at” (spotted horse) Turkic tribe that conquered the region about a millennia ago. Since the word ‘Alacaat’ was difficult to pronounce for the local Greeks, the name morphed into Alacati, which is used today.

Alacati was among the many important trade centers on the Aegean coast, which came to the fore with its winemaking during the Genoese rule in the early middle ages.

The locals, who initially made a living by viticulture, added tobacco business among their livelihood with the settlement of Turkish immigrants who had left Crete, Thessaloniki and Macedonia during Balkan wars. With the development of agriculture over time, the locals started growing olives, artichokes, aniseed and citrus fruits in the region.

Windmills of Alacati

Windmills are among the oldest structures in the region. Once known as the technological wonder of the period, these windmills have become the symbol of Alacati.

With its main mosque in the market place, its mosaic bazaar and its narrow streets shaded by black pepper trees, Alacati reflects Izmir’s town design in a lot ways.

Wind surfing and kitesurfing are popular sports in Alacati

The wind blowing 15-25 Knots in the north and north-west directions during the summer months makes Alacati bay indispensable for surfers. Alacati, which is one of the few surfing centers in the world due to its permanent wind, smooth and shallow sea, welcomes both amateur and professional surfers.

The city gained popularity thanks to many celebrities moving in last decade. Despite its small population of 8401, Alacati is slowly turning into one of the most important holiday resorts of the Aegean Region.